Alicante, Spain

Brand and Logo for the School of Architecture

In 2011 the School of Architecture of Alicante announced a competition for the definition of its corporate brand and logo.
The aim of the proposal is to achieve the maximum identity as a collective that includes the entire academic community engaged in Architecture at the University of Alicante. Therefore, the proposal seeks to unite students, teachers, departments, activities, etc. around a single ‘brand’.
On the one hand, the name chosen (uarq) responds to the strong link between the School of Architecture and the University of Alicante. On the other hand, the graphic representation of the brand is intended to express the dynamism and collective passion that characterize the daily activity in the School. This will be reflected in a lightweight, simple logo that, however, shows great strength. Moreover, the proposal encourages the use of different textures-colors to identify the departments of the school, thus sharing a common but diverse identity.

Competition: 1st prize
Year: 2011
Client: School of Architecture, University of Alicante

Logo for the School of Architecture of Alicante by Francisco Colom